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As your next Superior Court Judge, I look forward to improving the judicial process through greater efficiency and transparency. As a long-time resident of DeKalb County, I have enjoyed being an active member of our community, working tirelessly to make it safer, fair and welcoming to all. I believe that judges should be mindful of the idea that justice too long delayed is justice denied.

– Aaron

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Aaron’s Priorities



I will work to improve efficiency through being an advocate for modern technology and improved record keeping.



As your next judge, I will be diligent in making sure that justice is rendered in an impartial manner.  



I will create an environment in my courtroom that treats everyone who enters, no matter what
the circumstances, with dignity.

Meet Aaron Chausmer

Aaron is a respected attorney, husband, father, and long-time resident of DeKalb County. Aaron is running for Superior Court Judge because he is passionate about working in the court system.

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Campaign Kick-Off Announcement!

I would like to invite you to my Campaign Kick-Off Fundraiser!  I recently announced my candidacy for DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Division 3. The incumbent has decided to not seek re-election.  I am running because I care deeply about our judicial system. I will work each day to be an efficient, fair and respectful judge.


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